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The guide to “Meetings and events”, so you can enjoy the experience of a lifetime

Experiences, activities and gastronomy

Beyond the slopes, the pairing of val d’aran and valls d’àneu offers unique and unforgettable experiences. From snowmobiling to heliskiing, from learning to make artisanal cheese to dining in an abandoned town. It is also noted for its romanesque heritage, with 30 churches scatteredthroughout the valley. visiting them means discovering some fascinating spots.


Discovering nature by bike is one of the most intense experiences you can enjoy in Val d'Aran. Marked BTT and road routes, relaxing rides by the river from town to town, or technical downhills through lush forests will be hard to erase from your memory.


The Val d'Aran is renowned for offering nature in its purest form. This area is known for the high quality of its biodiversity, which has been preserved over the centuries. The resulting fauna, flora and green landscapes are a great attraction in the summer, and draw in an increasing number of visitors.


Horseback riding is another activity you can enjoy in Val d'Aran, which offers interesting routes and spectacular spots to enjoy the relaxed pace of the horse.

You can horseback ride to the Aneto foothills, through the beautiful Artiga de Lin. Along with short routes, there are two beautiful equestrian routes with different levels of difficulty, which will delight horseback riding enthusiasts: Vielha to Montgarri, and Vielha to La Renclusa (Aneto foothills).


For all those who want to enjoy new experiences, a via ferrata is a climbing route laid out along a rocky wall, complete with cables, clips, steps and various devices designed to enhance safety. It is an aerial, and sometimes athletic, route. To use these facilities, you have to be physically and technically adept and observe the rules of use.

There are three via ferratas in Val d'Aran, with different routes and difficulty levels: Vía Ferrata de Les, Vía Ferrata Poi d’Unha and Vía ferrata de Torre de Cledes de Les.


Rafting is the standout adventure activity in Val d'Aran. It consists of descending a river on rubber rafts that can seat 6 or 8 people. Here, the passenger takes centre stage in this exciting activity. No special physical conditioning is required for rafting, nor do the participants need any technical knowledge.

Safety during the descent is guaranteed by the guide and a team of professionals, who monitor the rafts from the start to the end of the route. Throughout the season, you can practice and learn to raft in Val d'Aran, although for the most adventurous types, it is in the thawing season (spring) when the rapids and slides provide for an even more spectacular experience.

Other water activities such as riverboarding, canoeing, canyoning and white water rafting can also be enjoyed in the area.


Aran Park, the wildlife park of Val d'Aran, is located in the middle of nature.

This unique place is located in an unrivalled setting, where you can discover the fauna and biodiversity of the high mountains.

The par provides a safe place from which to observe bears, lynxes, otters, two species of wolves (white and grey), marmots and deer, in addition to all types of hoofed mountain animals.

Its modern facilities also provide an insight into the private lives of these wild animals, which are kept in semi-captivity and in their own ecosystem


Alongside its rich and varied landscape, Val d'Aran offers a plethora of cultural treasures for visitors to discover. Historic churches, surprising museums, indelible traditions... The legacy of a generous past in these unique Pyrenean lands.


Subida al telesilla Blanhiblar, punto de partida de las principales rutas a pie y en bicicleta.

Chairlift to Blanhiblar, starting point for the main walking and bike riding routes.

The Blanhiblar chairlift, located in Beret, provides a unique panoramic view as you climb to an elevation of 2,200 m. Once at the top, you have many options, such as taking in the ample serenity of the landscape of Pla de Beret, Baqueira, Val de Ruda, Montarto, Aneto, and even Bagergue, if you make it to the west-facing viewpoint. You can also enjoy a snack in Barralh Blanhiblar while you admire the views, or eat at the Pla de Beret restaurant, at an elevation of 1,850 m.

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